corporate & group gifting

Corporate & Group Gifting

Want to share SideDish with your employees, clients, or friends and family this holiday season? We're here to help!

Whether it's for your clients to say thank you, your aunt who loves to cook, or your friend who has everything โ€” SideDish is the perfect gift for anyone in your life.

We currently have three options for gifting:

Option 1: 10+ 3-packs, 10% off

Option 2: 25+ 3-packs, 15% off

Option 3: 50+ 3-packs, 20% off

How it works:

Share your details and gifting plans here, and we'll reach out with a discount code!

To ship to individual locations, create separate orders for each location, and apply the discount to each order.

To ship in bulk to one location, create one order for that location and apply the discount directly.

Reach out to with any questions!